Martine Cazes


Inspired by her father, an architect who managed all his life to combine his love for modern art with his passion for building, Martine Cazes chose early to become an Interior Designer.
This field, rich in applied arts, gave her greater freedom of creative expression.

After graduating with honors in Interior Design from "L'Ecole Camondo" in Paris, she started her career at David Hicks, under the direction of Christian Badin, a famous Parisian decorator.

She fully embraced the scope of her passion for the job after joining the architectural firm of Jean-Pascal Agasse and Christian de Beauvais, where she was project manager.
For five years she contributed in developing concepts for famous "Haute Couture" and "Pret a Porter" brands such as "Pierre Balmain", "Lanvin" and "Hanae Mori". She also worked on projects for stores, offices and residential spaces.

In 1985 she founded CA&CO with Thierry Conquet to develop her own style and a more global approach to each project.
Her multiple interests guided her to different specialties such as high technology, where rigorous analysis is essential, and the private sphere, involving a more personal creativity in order to deliver a unique result in a remarkable place.

Treating each project as a whole, she strongly imprints her simple but elegant signature, as her clients often remark.

MBA holder in Global Fashion Management from the French Fashion Institute (IFM) in Paris, she provides CA&CO the ability to help companies conceiving and managing brand strategies.
Author of a thesis titled: Genius loci, the interior architecture's role in the brand universe.

Even if Martine Cazes was born in Switzerland and has lived most of her life in Paris, she has always felt a strong passion for the South of France and Tuscany in Italy, a constant inspiration in the elaboration of her projects.


Thierry Conquet


As a child, Thierry Conquet was already drawing. He attended the "Ateliers du Carrousel" at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris and his passion for graphic arts and illustration brought him to choose the "Ecole Camondo" to study interior architecture and design. In 1981 he graduated first of his class.

He spent two years working for French embassies in foreign countries, where he was in charge of setting exhibitions within the French cultural centers.
He then joined the famous design firm "Ecart" co-founded by Andree Putman and Jean-Francois Bodin in Paris.

The ten-year collaboration that followed influenced him greatly. He participated in most of the major projects of this internationally renown firm, from the development of the "Hotel Morgan's" in New-York or the "Saint-James Club" in Paris to the creation of many licences for accessories, pieces of furniture or fabrics in the name of Andree Putman.
Through her notoriety, he meets the Swiss watchmaker Ebel and supervises the restoration project for the "Villa Turque", the first house built in concrete (1916), by the architect Le Corbusier at "La Chaux de Fonds" (Switzerland).
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In 1985 he founds CA&CO with partner Martine Cazes in order to develop his own style and preside over the totality of his projects.

Thierry Conquet's talent for multi-media and writing expression enables a creative connection with the Swiss watch-making circle. In 1996 he becomes the artistic director for Ebel and launches the worldwide concept for the "Architects of Time".
In 2001, approached by the luxurious watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier, he began to develop their global brand concept. From the furniture and accessory designs to the architecture, he now develops this project all over the world.
Janus du commerce award 2013.

In the meantime, Thierry Conquet carries out the representation of his profession towards the public services. Elected president for the French Interior Architects Council (CFAI) from 2006 to 2010, he established with the Cultural Department the recognition and protection process for the Interior Architect title. In 2011, he continues this project at European level.